3 Anime Dark Elves who are remembered for their beauty

I think every fantasy lover has not only favorite worlds, universes, books, games or anime, but also a favorite fantasy race. For me, it has always been the dark elves. But unfortunately there are almost no representatives of the dark elves. It’s frustrating, but that didn’t stop me from compiling an article for you.

Today I have selected for you three anime girls who belong to the dark elf race and are able to be remembered by the viewer, either with unusual and interesting character traits, or with beauty. And what came of it, let’s figure it out.

Aura Bella Fiora (Overlord)

3 Anime Dark Elves who are remembered for their beauty

In contrast to the pretty appearance or mannerisms, Aura is very much liked by the viewer with her character. An energetic and restless bad girl who is so strong-willed that, paired with her twin brother, it is he who looks like a woman.

And if we talk about memorization, then although Aura is deprived of the pleasant appearance of the elf, you are unlikely to be able to forget her. Constant skirmishes with a true vampire, as well as her skills as a tamer of animals and energy.
Not to mention enough screen time. All this has allowed Aura to start the list of dark elves, but I suspect you came to see the cute girls? Then let’s continue.

Aisha Udgard (How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Light Novel Series)

3 Anime Dark Elves who are remembered for their beauty

In second place we have a character from the 2021 anime. The plot here will tell us about a guy who was transferred to the fantasy world as a hero, but instead of fighting monsters or exploits, everyone is waiting for new ideas from him. Aisha was no exception, responding to the call for recruitment, but only to convince Sato to help her with her plight in the forest.

You will love this girl not only for her obvious beauty, but also for her funny character. It’s interesting to watch the change, by the way. After all, starting as a proud and stubborn warrior, under the influence of care and hearty food, Aisha was so imbued with devoted love for Soma that she began to resemble his pet or child rather than a companion.

Yao Haa (Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri)

3 Anime Dark Elves who are remembered for their beauty

Well, first place. Here we have a girl who is not much more beautiful than her last competitor, but has a much sadder story and problems with her head. For which it is remembered.

The plot here revolves around the gates to the fantasy world that opened in the middle of Japan, and at first the hostile guests came from there, and then the Japanese went to visit with a return visit. And one of the most terrible creatures in that world was the red dragon, for the sake of defeating which Yao came to the Japanese soldiers.

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