3 Anime zombie girls are beautiful and smart

The Japanese are actually true masters, because with their culture they were able to ensure that even the most unattractive creatures in the form of zombies managed to find their place in the hearts of the fans. At one time, I wrote a lot of collections about them, but recently I realized that not one of them was dedicated specifically to beauties from among the undead.

In this article, I have selected for you 3 anime in which there are reasonable (this is important), and at the same time, colorful zombie characters that can arouse sympathy. And what came of it, we will soon find out.

Girls (Zombie Land Saga)

3 Anime zombie girls are beautiful and smart

And we will start with anime, where there is a whole group of cute zombie girls. The plot here begins with a very energetic and sweet girl Sakura Minamoto, who burns with the dream of becoming a pop singer, and has already set herself up to change her life, but running out of the house, she collided with a truck.

10 Years after this event, she and other girls from different eras and with dissimilar personalities were raised as zombies by a single necromancer. He had a very strange idea. He decided to assemble a group of idols from the girls and put them on stage so that they could glorify their prefecture. And here the fun begins.

3 Anime zombie girls are beautiful and smart

You will find an excellent musical comedy that will go through many genres. But the most important thing is the characters. Firstly, they are really cute, secondly, they are very different and everyone will be able to find the one that will win his heart according to his type. And as a bonus, each of them will be revealed quite well. This is one of the more unusual zombie-themed anime, but that only makes it better.

Zombina (Daily Life With A Monster Girl)

3 Anime zombie girls are beautiful and smart

In second place we have one of the most popular anime harems with unusual creatures. The plot here revolves around a young guy, Kimihito Kurusu, who, through a cultural exchange program between humans and newly discovered monsters, has agreed to host a lamia in his home. But he obviously did not expect that girls from other races would want to meet him after her, and he would even get acquainted himself with the special squad, where our Zombina is.

Honestly, she doesn’t have much screen time, and it would be more correct to place her in third place, but my tastes played here. Before us is a restless, knowledgeable trolling, and not at all complex about her nature, a zombie girl, who at the same time is a rather dangerous combat unit.

Despite limited screen time, Zombina is one of the brightest representatives of zombies in anime, and only a blind person can deny her beauty, and therefore second place, and a huge recommendation for viewing.

Sanka Rea (Sankarea)

3 Anime zombie girls are beautiful and smart

As diversified as I am, no zombie compilation is complete without this anime. Here we will be introduced to a boy named Chihiro Furuyu, who is not interested in live girls. He is a fan of zombies, he is only attracted to them, and therefore, even when his beloved cat died, he did not give up and decided to try to resurrect him. The funny thing is that it is successful. But more than that, in the process he met an interesting girl.

Sanka Rea crossed paths with our main character by accident, but even though they were surprisingly different, they managed to get along. Moreover, it was because of Furui and his experiments after one accident that Sanky’s life didn’t end. And she rose up as a zombie. Is this not an ideal situation for our protagonist?

3 Anime zombie girls are beautiful and smart

In fact, this anime is just not captivating. There is an element of romance, comedy, drama, but the most interesting thing is Sanka’s problems with his father. You will have the desire to strangle this person, and more than once. He spoiled the psyche and life of the girl so much that the desire to escape will be more than clear to you all. But I suggest you watch this for yourself, since the original idea and the beauty in the lead role are good incentives for this.

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