Anime where the characters confront the Gods

Greetings readers. It is fair to say that the interest in any confrontation is directly proportional to the stakes and risks in them. And if we talk about the highest stakes and risks, then it is they who meet in confrontation with the most powerful beings, which gods can also act as. Today I want to recall anime series in which characters challenge the gods.

Record of Ragnarok

Anime where the characters confront the Gods

The anime presents the opposition to the gods in the most literal sense. The series itself begins the story with a meeting held every 1000 years by all the gods of all pantheons, from Greek to Shinto. The reason for the meeting is simple: to decide whether humanity deserves to continue to exist or whether all people should be destroyed. At the current meeting, the gods came to a unanimous decision that humanity should end. However, before the final verdict, one Valkyrie named Brunhilda stands up for people and, in order to give them a chance, recalls paragraph 15 of article 62 of the Valhalla code of rules, which refers to Ragnarök – the final battle of people with the gods.

Under the rules of Ragnarok, thirteen human fighters face thirteen gods in one-on-one matches. What Brunhilda said made the gods laugh, because they cannot even imagine their defeat, from which they easily agree with the providence of Ragnarok. However, underestimating people turned out to be a mistake, because the gods were challenged by thirteen of the strongest people that have ever been in the history of mankind. The anime series managed to show the battles in which they will take part: Lu Bu – the commander-in-chief and commander of the Chinese era of the Three Kingdoms, who is considered by many to be the best warrior in China; Adam is the first man created by the gods in his own image; Kojiro Sasaki is one of the most famous samurai of the Edo period.


Anime where the characters confront the Gods

The series tells about the very difficult life of a swordsman named Guts. Since childhood, he has been haunted by death: all the people close to him die, and he himself is forced to engage in mercenary activities in order to survive. But one day fate smiled on Guts when he met the Falcon squad. A group of mercenaries under the command of Griffith became a full-fledged family for the hero, where he could become a happy and necessary person. However, trying to find his own aspirations, Guts at one point leaves the squad, which greatly affects Griffith’s mental state. Due to the departure of the hero, a series of events occur, which leads to very sad consequences: Griffith is captured and tortured for a whole year, and the Falcon squad is trying to be completely destroyed.

When Guts returns and tries to make things right, things take an even worse turn. The rescue of Griffith, who, due to torture, became a faded shadow of his past self, turned into a nightmare. Griffith became the cause of the eclipse – a phenomenon when the Hand of God, a group of powerful beings that control the course of human history and human destinies, offer the chosen one, at the moment of the deepest despair, the fulfillment of all his desires, in exchange for everything that is dear to him. Griffith, after a long reflection on the events that happened to him, agrees to the proposals and then a mark of the victim appears on all his comrades, as well as friends from the Falcon squad, after which the massacre begins. And although everyone tried to resist the demons, only Guts and his lover managed to survive. After the events that took place, the hero decides to take revenge on Griffith at all costs, therefore he challenges the Hand of the Lord, which are the gods of this world.

No Game No Life

Anime where the characters confront the Gods

The most harmless challenge in this collection. Shiro and Sora are brother and sister whose main hobby is playing computer games. The real world is not very interesting for the heroes, so they consider it only a very unbalanced game. Therefore, the couple spends all their time on computer games, in online projects they have become famous due to their skills, which is why they are periodically challenged. One of these greatly interested the heroes, because the opponent somehow found out that the heroes were relatives, and also read their feelings that they were born in the wrong place. Intrigued, Shiro and Sora accept a chess challenge, in which they manage to snatch victory with some difficulty.

Anime where the characters confront the Gods

After, an unknown opponent sends a question about whether they would like to live in a world where everything is decided through simple games that have clear rules, balance, and so on. The heroes answer positively without thinking, after which a god named Tet takes them to Disboard, a world where games rule. In it, absolutely everything is decided by games, from conflicts for power to domestic issues. This concept is supported by the main rule of the world – in the game, each side must place an equal bet. Once in this world, Shiro and Sora receive a new gaming challenge and they decide to fight Tet for the title of god. However, before that, they need to pay the appropriate price and collect 16 chess pieces, each of which is at the disposal of one of the races of the Disbord world, after which they must enter into the final confrontation with God.

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