Chifuyu Matsuno: biography, appearance and character

Chifuyu Matsuno was a boy who had blond hair that covered the front of his face. Thus, he radiated, also due to his gaze and behavior, an unsettling aura. After meeting Baji Keisuke, he will change and now appear more kind, less clingy, and less rebellious. He usually wears a wool sweater or a Toman uniform. In 2017, he wears a darker hair color, but he still has the earring. His clothes are quirky, but otherwise he doesn’t seem to have changed much in twelve years.


Chifuyu Matsuno: biography, appearance and character

In college, the vice-captain was a bad student. He was constantly surrounded by other teenagers, his subordinates, and he fought regularly. But there were rumors that the third grade last year passed the assessment again. Chifuyu, convinced that it was a formidable criminal, went in search of the famous Baji Keisuke. To his surprise, he saw an ideal student who seemed to be focused and attentive to his lessons. But the fourth grader realized that Budzhi was playing a role and that he was not a model student at all.

One day, while returning from class, Chifuyu was ambushed, and a dozen students from another college began to beat him. Only Baji can save him. The two college students, having just discovered that they are actually neighbors, become friends and Chifuyu joins the Tokyo Manjikai, becoming the vice-captain of the division led by Baji.

Matsuno’s first appearance was when he was shot down by Baji during a “test of faith” organized by Valhalla. Shortly after this event, which Takemichi attended, he and Chifuyu meet by chance and become close. Takemichi helped him, in particular, in an attempt to bring Baji back to Toman, which ended in failure after the death of the captain of the first division. Chifuyu will also appoint our hero as his new captain.


Chifuyu Matsuno: biography, appearance and character

Chifuyu is a pretty cute teenager. He is understanding and caring, qualities he must have acquired during his meeting with Baji. He is someone who provides a lot of support in combat as well as emotional and psychological support. This last quality must be the reason why Takemichi quickly confided in him and told him his secret about time travel, which only he himself knew about in 2005.

The height of this teenager is 168 cm.

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